Following in her family's footsteps, Andrea is also an international rider.

In her Junior and Young Rider years, she won the silver medal of the Rhineland Championships in 2005, was 4th at the German Championships in 2006 and was on the German Nations Cup Team 2007 in Hagen a.T.w ending up 3rd after Jump-off. 

After finishing high school, Andrea successfully completed her apprenticeship as an Event Manager in January 2011 with the host of the annual World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen.

In 2012, Andrea was chosen as the Assistant Manager for Jumping and Dressage discipline at the London Olympic Games in Greenwich Park. 

Due to her intense involvement at the Olympic Games, Andrea's own riding career had to take a back seat. 

After completing the Paralympics, she took on a new job at CHIO Aachen in the sports department until December 2013.

After gaining valuable experience in London and Aachen, Andrea took the courageous step to start her own event management company which now organises the Eschweiler Jumping Festival and she became fully integrated in the Helena Stormanns Sporthorses Company. 

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