Helena has already coached many riders up to the highest championship level of show jumping. 

She specialises in developing a unique programme for each and every horse/rider combination to assist them in achieving success. 

Many trainers have never had the experience that Helena gathered during her very successful international career. She knows very well how to manage horses at the top of the show jumping sport and is willing to pass this knowledge on to her students. 

Other trainers are not prepared to let their students "look behind the curtains", Helena is more than willing to share her knowledge of horsemanship with ambitious riders who are keen to learn. 

Education and Show Jumping Career

Eschweiler is lucky to be situated very close to St. Georges, The English International School in Aachen where Children can graduate from High School up to A-Level and IB. 

We also have close relations to the nearby Universities of Aachen, Cologne and Maastricht

Due to our complete service we are able to offer students the chance to study and ride at a high competitive level. 

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